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How Agentiiv consistently outperforms ChatGPT with expert agents - Case Study

  • 100% demo to closure rate
  • Over 200 users across platforms and clients
  • 14 domains pointing to typing mind
  • Four major commercialized clients


Agentiiv CEO Karla Congson is on a mission to help mid-market companies elevate their workforce through domain specialized AI agents.

Specialized AI agents are more streamlined, easier to use and master up to 213% more tasks as a result.

Agents are different from prompts based on the convergence of three elements: high level instructions, a knowledge base (RAG) and the use of tools. This last part is where talktweak comes in.

By hiring talktweak custom to create AI extensions to support select agents, Agentiiv elevates the value and capacity of their agents. This creates a crucial competitive advantage.

Karla set down with us to share how their agents work - and what their industry-leading clients think of them.

Responsive, powerful and fast AI Agents

Dynamic, custom themed, PowerPoint Generation

We were hired by Agentiiv to create a plugin that generates downloadable powerpoint designs.

The tools integrate seamlessly with Agentiiv’s existing infrastructure, are self-hostable and accessible via their platform and an API.

Agentiiv AI Agent Nancy can create flawless presentations

Psychological Analysis with LinkedIn and Twitter data

Agentiiv agent Dr. Scully leverages sentiment analysis techniques and a talktweak-made LinkedIn and Twitter integration to let sales professionals gain deep insights into the thinking, moral codex and standards of any prospect.

It generates deep psychological profiles, introduction emails, sales proposals and social media engagement recommendations. Read a full example chat here.

Agentiiv AI Agent Dr. Scully creates deep analysis of sales prospects

Mindmap creation

Agent Milo helps clients summarize complex topics, ideas and conversations in a simple, sharable mind map.

The Mindmap generation is powered by an open source library that has been integrated by talktweak. Agentiiv AI Agent Milo can turn any conversation into a mindmap

PDF Generation

Generating detailed PDFs on the fly streamlines coordination and orgaization. Agentiiv lets customers summarize long conversations into quick fact sheets to share with their team or create ready-to-send letters with AI.

Why partner with talktweak custom?

When asked for reasons to work with us, Karla highlights several reasons for the continued collaboration:

  • Code Quality: “Everything that you’ve done has delivered exceptionally, it’s delivered to my objectives.”
  • Research and Cost: “You’ll do the research to figure out the most cost-effective and fastest option.”
  • Swift collaboration: “You’ve always been very, very fast and responsive.”
  • Competitive Pricing: “Your price is absolutely competitive and fair for the value.”
  • Flexibility and Professionalism: “Your flexibility and the professionalism by which you’re launching this business is fantastic.”

“I’ve been happy with everything”, Karla mentions, underscoring the satisfaction and value derived from working with talktweak.

The code quality, effective research, responsiveness, competitive pricing, and professional flexibility have made talktweak custom Agentiiv’s go-to source for AI tooling.

By consistently exceeding customers expectations, talktweak custom has managed to maintain high customer satisfaction, with over 70% returning customers.

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