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Increasing conversion rate and brand trust by automating personalized customer outreach

How many marketing emails do you receive every week? 10? 50? More?

And when was the last time a marketing email actually convinced you to make a purchase?

The truth is that your customers are drowning in emails, and you need to do something to stand out if you don’t want to throw their impressions away.

What’s the key to succeed in marketing E-Mails?

The key to converting customers is presenting them with the right offer at the right time; it’s as simple as that.

But how do you present your offer in a non-generic, personal way, and what’s necessary to stand out?

The key is to make the customer feel like they’re interacting with a human instead of an automation. To achieve this, we employ Custom AI.

Example of a well-personalized E-Mail

Using personalization to build brand trust

It is scientifically evident that personalized conversations are better at invoking feelings of trust and influencing purchasing decisions. Thus, the goalywith your brand communication should be to be perceived as human as possible while maintaining a low marketing effort.

To achieve this, it's crucial to understand your audience's needs and desires, and tailor your brand communication to resonate with them. Personalization can positively affect a consumer's purchase intention. Over three-quarters of consumers (76%) said that receiving personalized communications was key, and 78% said such content made them more likely to repurchase (source).

It's important to note that personalization is not just about the transaction, but about building long-term customer relationships. Thoughtful touchpoints such as checking in post-purchase or sending a how-to video can generate positive brand perceptions and increase customer lifetime value drastically.

Placeholders ≠ Personalization

Graph showing how simple placeholders are ineffective in emailing - Source: Lemlist

A placeholder is simply not enough to create a human experience; customers want to feel cared about.

Truly personalized content massively outperforms unpersonalized content; it’s the reason some Cold Emailers perform way better than others. Personalization used to be an intensive human labour process, slowing its adoption.

Now that we have AI, we are presented with the unique opportunity to deliver a personalized experience in a fully automated environment.

Automating personalization with custom AI

Our approach to scaling personalized marketing with AI is easy; we create AI systems that have access to information about your company, the internet and the most recent purchases and transactions of each customer, and have them create a personalized message for each customer. We do all this, while maintaining the highest standards in data security and privacy, including giving you all the tools to host the services yourself.

We have the infrastructure to scale this system easily; by running a function in the cloud to react to new Shopify orders or your campaigns in any other tool, we can autonomously run these systems on Claude, OpenAI or other platforms.

Graph illustrating the workings of AI automation

⚡ We can build this.

Get a custom AI integration just like this for your business, cut up to 56% of manual labor and make AI your next employee.